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 Skyware Global offers a complete line of...

VSAT Antennas

Skyware Global offers a complete line of receive-transmit VSAT antennas and receive-only commercial quality antennas in sizes from 69cm to 2.4 meters. These antennas are available with a variety of C-Band and Ku-Band feed configurations Type approved models are available for INTELSAT®, Eutelsat, AsiaSat and many other international satellite platforms. Installation accessories include non-penetrating roof mounts, wall-roof mounts, king-post mounts, feed accessories, electronics and anti-icing.

C-Band Antennas

Rx: 3.625~4.2Ghz Tx: 5.85~6.425Ghz

Ku-Band Antennas

Rx: 10.95~12.75Ghz Tx: 13.75~14.5Ghz