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The IP-based control, measurement and control...

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The IP-based control, measurement and control systems of ALLNET offer modern, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for the management and control of your IT systems and / or other technical building equipment. You control everything from a PC, notebook or other mobile device. Whether the devices that you control measure, like rules, are in the same building or on another continent. The medium is your existing computer network and the Internet. Measure around values ??such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, etc. We receive warnings about temperature limits, water levels, gas smell, movement messages by Email Take shifting world from your PC before These are just a few examples that deal with the IP control, measurement - can be implemented and control systems of ALLNET inexpensively and easily. In addition to regular measurements such as Power consumption and power feeding from the photovoltaic system, the state of all components to be monitored from anywhere via network.