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Only 10 % of our world is covered by GSM networks.

Some providers do promise WORLDIWDE coverage with their MIFI devices. Level421 has understood, that GSM networks do only cover about 10 % of earth surface. That’s why combining GSM with SATELLITE to a HYBRID solution is great, when it comes to a real WORLDWIDE Service.

We solve Global Communication Challenges.

Unlimited Flat rates are possible with us.

You think an unlimited LTE Flat rate without Roaming Fees is not available? Cracy things like this, you do exactly find with us.

Challenge us – and we will provide you a professional and HIGH-END solution.

We make global Connectivity plan able.

For sure you do know that. You buy somewhere a SIMCARD and exactly where you want to go online, it is only providing EDGE speed. While your colleague using the other Carrier has a perfect connection. Or you have invested a lot in a Satellite Connection, which however not provides what it promises.

All this is finally coming to an end. It is our goal to make internet use-age geographic plannable. This means, you already can predict today, where and how fast you can go online tomorrow.

Finally, no more running for local SIMCARDS.

For sure you know this annoying struggle, to get a local SIMCARD. No matter where you do arrive, you are running around some days until you get connected. Every time your passport gets copied and you get asked for the size of your shoes.

Forget about all this now. Just do register with us, and we are taking care on the rest.

Only the useage of multiple networks per country, do provide optimal coverage.

Many companies promising unlimited global connectivity, in reality they do limit their design to one GSM carrier per country. Mostly the cheapest, with the worst coverage. This is not our approach. We cannot be the cheapest, if we want to offer quality and a comprehensive coverage.

Only multiple supported GSM carriers per country, plus the ability to use SATELLIT, makes your communication bullet proven.

Why our solution is superiror in terms of security ?

Data Security has emerged within the corporate area to a key topic. Who can accept today his data is decrypted and read in plaintext. To divide up the data to multiple paths, such as multiple GSM carriers or SATCOM, is providing the optimal security for your sensitive data.

This only level421 can provide you.

Our Relation to GSM Operators.

Although we do eliminate with our clever technology all kind of roaming costs, we have understood that in future years, the cooperation and the commercial well-being of GSM operators is of importance. That’s why we want to cooperate with GSM operators, instead of positioning ourselves against them.

Only in alliance of all GSM operators worldwide, we will manage to build a global hybrid connectivity network.