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 TERIUS is a revolutionary development and...


TERIUS is a revolutionary development and builds on the experience of TARKAN. TERIUS is a GSM router that does not need any more SIM cards.

Complete capacity management is provided by software virtualized sim cards, which get dynamically loaded as needed.

Forget your old LTE router where you always have to swap cards. The new generation without annoying simcards has begun. Connect your project directly via ETHERNET or High Speed Wifi. The router has a built-in port where you can connect your firewall.

Ideal for mobile projects in ships, vehicles or trains.

We offer unbeatably low UNLIMITED data rates based on TERIUS technology, which will certainly make you happy.

Optinal TERIUS is also available with several LTE channels, which can be bundled. You can find those models in the TERIUS ADVANCED section.


TERIUS Standard is a small compact router to connect mobile to...