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  • No annoying race for local sim cards during your holiday or business trip
  • No incalculable roaming costs.
  • No time-consuming back-and-forth for rental equipment.
  • No contracts and no permanent financial obligations.
  • Developed in the European Union. Designed in Germany in compliance with the highest possible security standards for your communication and transaction data in accordance with EU standards.
  • Up to 10 devices can be connected to the global hotspot via WIFI.
  • The device does not require any Sim cards. This is already permanently installed.
  • You also have a SIM card slot available, with which you can insert and use a MINI SIM yourself.
  • Thanks to the powerful battery and the particularly power-saving display, you can use the device for up to 17 hours without recharging.
  • Use with predictable costs via flexible monthly passes, or 12 month subscriptions. Without cost traps.
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$ 210,00
incl. 0% VAT , plus shipping costs (Standard)
  • Available immediately