Vision & Mission

Don’t trust anybody

below 50 Megabit.

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We bring Internet to
remote areas.

The pro’s of our communication technology:

1. it is not expensive.

2. it’s easy to use.

Our vision is to provide broadband internet wherever you are. That means, broadband internet with minimum 50 Megabit. We do this in our home town, same is in Africa.

We put all our energy and passion into working on worldwide internet, so you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Simple. Superior.

The two core competences of Level 421:

Stationary Broadband Internet.
We do provide broadband services not only in our home town, but worldwide. Our technology is based on an unique, revolutionary MESH network infrastructure. An architecture, which is superior to fiber networks, as she integrates FIBER into one hybrid network architecture. We do build wireless ISPs, who are using this special type of architecture, based on GSM, WIRELESS, SATELLITE and FIBER:
Mobility Broadband Internet Access.
We operate a unique global SATELLITE and GSM capacity marketplace, which gets controlled by easy to use hardware devices. We do fit partners worldwide with this outstanding technology: